Scriptural Facts

Scriptural Facts.

Books in the Old Testament, 39; books in the New Testament, 27; total, 66.

Chapters in the Old Testament, 929; chapters in the New Testament, 260; total, 1,189.

Verses in the Old Testament, 23,214; verses in the New Testament, 7,959; total, 31,173.

Words in the Old Testament, 592,439; words in the New Testament, 181,253; total, 773,692.

Letters in the Old Testament, 2,728,110; letters in the New Testament. 838,380; total, 3,566,490 letters in the Bible.

The middle chapter in the Bible, and the shortest one, is Psa_117:1-2; the middle verse is Psa_118:8.

The middle book of the Old Testament is Proverbs; the middle chapter is Job_29:1-25; the middle verse, 2Ch_20:17; the shortest verse is 1Ch_1:25.

The middle book of the New Testament is 2 Thessalonians; middle verse, Act_17:17; the shortest verse, John

Ezr_7:21 has all the letters of the alphabet except j.

The word Jehovah or Lord occurs 6,855 times.

The name Jerusalem occurs over 800 times.

The five books of Moses (Pentateuch) can be read in eighteen hours; the four Gospels and the Acts in thirteen hours; the whole of the Old Testament in seventy-four hours; and New Testament in twenty hours. Total time in which the Bible can be read, ninety-eight hours, or four days and two hours.


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